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Let your users deposit money with one click!

Crypto Pay N Play turns this dream into a reality with registration and billing with a click.

About Crypto

What is Crypto Pay N Play?

In a world where registration and billing procedures are very complex the risk of abandonment is very high, in addition to the constant objective of increasing conversion rates. Crypto Pay N Play allow with a single click to synchronize virtual coin accounts with websites and platforms, all the user has to do is press a single button, scan the barcode and he has a new profile with funds available for use, we exchange the virtual coins immediately to Euro so the site owner receives Euro exchange from us, the user easily signs up and enjoys exchange to euro as well, so everyone’s satisfied.

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Our solutions

Our technology enables you to get more
out of your website

Easy implementation into your platform using SDK

Choose to get in crypto or Flat

Fast fund loading and registering

Compatible with a variety of virtual coin

Without transaction cancellations

Secure Billing for Merchant

Boost your business

How does this benefit your business?

Studies show that long registration and billing procedures cause extremely high abandonment percentages. Crypto Pay N Play skips all the long and tiring stages and allows your users to sign up and bill with a single button.

  • One Button – WALLET for Pay IN / Pay OUT quick Deposit without registration
  • as a merchant you can get your fund in crypto or Fiat

Get more clients

New target audiences you can miss out on

More and more users today hold virtual coins, if you want, as a business owner, to allow more and more of your users to pay you and become your clients, Advance to Crypto Pay N Play and allow your business to enjoy a smart system that could increase your target audience and cash flow.

We support a wide
variety of currency such as:
Our main advantages

Immediate deposit without delay

No Transaction cancellations

Receive payment in Crypto as well As FIAT Typography

No need for KYC

Deposit from any country

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websites we work with

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